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Welcome to Brighton Make Up School online. Thank you for choosing to train with us for your make up & hair courses. Adding online training options is something we have wanted to do for a long time and then along came the unexpected Covid and lockdown 2020 and we thought that there’s never been a better time to do this than now.

We want to address the fact that all the videos and tutorials on here were filmed at home during the lockdown period. Therefore all looks have had to be done on myself (Lucy!) by myself. This means that frustratingly there is no variation in skin types, skin colours, different age groups and so forth in the tutorials as we were not allowed to work on models oranyone else during this period. We hope to add in extra videos which display these variations when we can in the future.

It is good to remember when watching the videos that all techniques, looks, tricks and tips are relevant to everyone (whatever you or your model/ client’s natural look is) and just need to be adapted by using different colours or different types of products (e.g. this could be using an oil free foundation).

Our belief and mantra is to take what you learn from us, combine this with what you learn from watching others and mix this with what you already know and then make it your own!

Please also remember (we mention this a lot in the tutorials!) that one size does not fit all. You don’t need to apply every product to every client to get the same or similar results -each face and client is different and unique and a good make up artist will, with practice, learn to achieve great results by remembering this and executing it in their work.

Thank you again for choosing us, enjoy the course/(s) and good luck!