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Bridal Hair Certificate Course


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Course Outline

1. Hair Theory
1.1 Hair Anatomy and Structure
1.2 Contraindications
2. Tools
2.1 Hairstyling Tools
2.2 Other Tools
2.3 Hygiene
3. Basic Hair Techniques
3.1 Brushing
3.2 Sectioning
3.3 Teasing/Backcombing
4. Basic Hairstyles
4.1 Ponytail
4.2 Chignon bun
4.3 French Pleat
5. Bridal Hairstyles
5.1 Elegant Bun
5.2 Tousled Curls
5.3 Elaborate Curl Updo
6. Bridal Consultation
6.1 Bridal Trial
6.2 Wedding Day
6.3 Post Wedding Day
7. Business and Promotion
7.1 Business Basics i.e. insurance, tax etc
7.2 Portfolio
7.3 Starting out
7.4 Social Media
8. Feedback
8.1 Feedback from Tutor

Learning Outcomes

• Understanding and adhering to strict hygiene practices
• Understanding basic hair anatomy and ability to execute basic style
• Working professionally and with integrity
• Understanding the bridal styling process and acting with good
• Ability to create new relevant and effective bridal hair looks
• Ability to interpret and execute a bridal client’s brief
• General business principles and how to start business
• Where to find work and how to promote business


• Be 16 and over
• An interest and passion for bridal hair

Recommended Reading

• Women’s bridal magazines
• Hair inspiration books
• Anatomy and Physiology books

Required Materials

• Notepad and pen
• Hair kit
• Selection of hair products and tools

Grading and Certificate

• A certificate will be issued on the last day of the course if tutor is
satisfied that the learning outcomes have been achieved