Professional Makeup Artistry Diploma

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Course Outline

To include a range of relevant demonstrations, skills tests and practical

sessions to maximise learning

  1. Face and Skin Theory

1.1 Basic Face and Skin Anatomy

1.2 Skin Tones

1.3 Facial Structure, Shadows and Highlights

1.4 Contraindications

  1. History of Make up

2.1 Origins

2.2 Products and Ingredients

  1. Colour Theory

3.1 Colour Wheel and Complimentary Colours

3.2 Colour Correction

  1. Tools

4.1 Make up Brushes

4.2 Other Tools

4.3 Hygiene

  1. Base Make up

5.1 Preparation/Skincare

5.2 Foundation

5.3 Concealer

5.4 Powder/Finishing

5.5 Blusher/Bronzer

  1. Facial Shadows and Highlights

6.1 Light and Shadows

6.2 Sculpting the face

6.3 Techniques for changing features

  1. Eye Make up

7.1 Eyebrows

7.2 Smokey Eyes

7.3 Liquid Liner

7.4 False Eyelashes Application

  1. Lip Make up

8.1 Lipliner

8.2 Lipstick and Lipgloss

  1. Demonstration and Practice

9.1 Bridal

9.2 Fashion

9.3 Experimentation/Freestyle

  1. Idea Generation

10.1 Moodboards

10.2 Magazines

10.3 Other forms i.e. Pinterest/Instagram

  1. Business and Promotion

11.1 Business Basics i.e. insurance, tax etc

11.2 Portfolio

11.3 Time for Shoots

11.4 Starting out

11.5 Social Media

11.6 Agencies

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the theory behind make up
  • Understanding of the anatomy of face
  • Understanding and adhering to strict hygiene practices
  • Understanding of the origins of make up
  • Ability to execute different make up techniques and looks to a high standard
  • Understanding of what different make up products are and how to use them
  • Ability to create new relevant and effective make up looks
  • Ability to interpret and execute a client’s brief
  • General business principles and how to start business
  • Where to find work and how to promote business


  • Be 16 and over
  • An interest and passion for make up

Recommended Reading

  • Women’s lifestyle and fashion magazines
  • Make up inspiration books
  • Anatomy and Physiology books

Required Materials

  • Notepad and pen
  • Make up kit
  • Selection of make up products and tools

Grading and Certificate

  • A Certificate will be issued on the last day of the course if tutor is

satisfied that the learning outcomes have been achieved