Vintage Style -Iconic fashion looks and how to get them -Sarah Kennedy


Here we take a vintage view, looking back at the 25 most iconic women of the past century and how to emulate their looks with up-to-the minute fashion advice. Each look, whether it’s Brigitte Bardot’s Bombshell, Audrey Hepburn’s Ingenue or Grace Kelly’s American Classic, is deconstructed. Along with key information on the vintage designers and fashion styles of the time, there are styling tips, hair and make-up techniques and shopping lists to aid in acquiring vintage and reproduction pieces.

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Sarah Kennedy is author of The Swimsuit and a contributing author of Vintage Fashion, both by Carlton. British-born, she is now based in New York City where she works as a freelance journalist for women’s magazines, including Red and Grazia in the UK and Marie Claire in the US.(2011)


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